•• The HELIO Cycle
The HELIO Cycle, the electric powered cycle that offers a smooth, low noise, pollution
free ride. The HELIO Cycle has the best performance of any street legal electric vehicle
ever introduced to the consumer market.  The HELIO Cycle is the perfect product for the
person whose life is hectic and overscheduled. The HELIO  takes you on an adventure
even when you are just running errands – it makes the mundane exhilarating. The HELIO
Cycle is fundamentally different from any other product on the market – it is functional.
The HELIO cycle is the most reliable electric cycle with the highest range and safest ride.
The HELIO Cycle has two performance settings‘go fast’and‘go far’with a maximum
speed of 24 mph and goes for up to 25 miles. Now with a more powerful, on board
charger, the HELIO is ready to go within 4 to 5 hours and, using the optional external fast
charger, you can be fully charged in an hour and a half.  For maximum range, or for a
quick turn-around, you can easily change the battery and travel up to 50 miles before
needing a recharge.
The HELIO frame is made of anodized aluminum and is designed with strength and
durability in mind, as well as style. The HELIO is powered by a custom high torque DC
motor and a 24 volt battery pack. The HELIO has a number of featuresincluding front disc
brakes and front suspension, quick change batteries for extended range, 1.5 hour
external fast-charge connector, and a wider foot platform for comfort.
The HELIO can be customized with a very broad selection of cargo accessories,
including saddle bags, collapsible rear baskets, a removable front basket, and a tow
behind cargo trailer. All together, the HELIO can carry 250lbs of rider and cargo on board,
and an additional 100lbs of trailer cargo making the HELIO, the most versatile electric
cycle ever.
The HELIO is the rare combination of transportation functionality and superior  
performance. Its technology is 21st century, with a design that combines bike, moped
and scooter, and sparks images of classic 1950’s design. It comes in unique colors:
 Very Well Red, Caribbean Sky (blue), Wasabi (green), Black and metal grey.
The HELIO can be ridden on any  American/EU/Taiwan/Japan street and with headlights,
tail lights, bicycle controls, large wheels and a low center of gravity; it is safe and simple to
operate  for people of all ages.
Nearly 60 percent of all automobile trips are less than five miles, and 50% of trips are for
personal (one passenger) transportation, according to the U.S. Bureau of  Transportation
Statistics.  Today, Americans are thinking about new ways to get around.  People want
transportation convenience and fun. Whether they are young or young-at-heart, everyone
 wants to have fun and find an alternative to oil and gas,


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